Meet Silversel!!!

WELCOME, friends and rock stars! Joining us today is our VERY special guest: Ricky Saldano, the drummer for the metal band Silversel. Be sure to check the links at the end, ‘cuz lemme tell ya: Silversel just takes metal to a whole new level!!! There’s just a certain dark elegance to their music that is almost eerie.

SO . . . without any further ado, I give you RICKY SALDANO OF SILVERSEL!!!

Could you start by telling our readers who Silversel is, and how the band got together?

We are a swamp metal rock band out of the good Ol’ state of Georgia, on the southeast coast of the US. We got together about 12 years ago. Our lead Guitarist and I were in a band called Splynter out of Jacksonville We were asked to open for Molly Hatchet and our singer at the time couldn’t make the show. We had met Wally Silver at a prior engagement. We called him asked if he could do the show with us and the rest is history. Today’s line up consist of Wally Silver vocals Justin Myers lead guitar Micheal Buress rhythm guitar Daniel Durden rhythm/lead guitar Stephen Saxon bass Ricky Saldano drums

I’m listening to the song ‘All Out Rocks’ as we’re talking. What strikes me about Silversel’s music is how ‘clean’ it sounds. You can clearly hear every element of the music, in perfect balance. How does Silversel handle the songwriting process? It is more of a ‘jam session’ approach, or do the members kind of write their own riffs and then bring ’em to the table?

Typically Wally will come to the band with a riff and some lyrics and then Justin Daniel and Mikey, will take the riff and finesse it. Then Stephen and I will bring in the rhythm and the song becomes what we like to say is the next best thing, lol

I’m hearing a lot of different influences here. I’m listening to ‘Enemy’ now, which struck me as reminiscent of the 70’s wave of British Metal. What are some influences behind Silversel’s music? As I’m fond of saying, all metal-heads are the children of Black Sabbath. But who else is there?

We all come from different eras, myself I grew up on Molly Hatchet Black foot and Skynard, plus I am influenced by Avenged Sevenfold, Five Finger Death Punch, and Alice in Chains to name a few. Justin was influenced by Stevie Ray Vaughn, Dream Theater, Trivium, and the list goes on. Wally likes Demon Hunter, Winger and Staind. Daniel digs Soil work, Death cab for Cutie, Kill Switch Engage. Stephen likes Poison, Metallica and Red Hot Chili Peppers. Mikey likes Motley Crue, Beatles, and Marshall Tucker. The list goes on and on . . .

NICE! I think having diverse influences is what makes a band special. I’m impressed by your drumming. It’s very tastefully done. It’s so easy to over-do drums in metal, and whack away at that kick drum like you’re trying to kill it. Who are some drummers that influenced you?

My biggest would be my Father Tony Saldano, he was a session drummer and Bruce Crumps back up drummer for Hatchet. Joey Jordison Erin Illjay Travis Barker Artimus Pyle The Rev and of course Neil Peart

So you kind of grew up on the music scene?

I did

Another element of Silversel’s music that stands out to me is the lead guitar. It reminds me more of Dave Gilmour’s playing than traditional metal guitar styling. It’s articulate, but a hair slower, and more heartfelt. You mentioned lineup changes. Has Silversel’s music evolved as members came and went?

I would have to say that it definitely has evolved and yes Justin is a beast on the guitar . . . He lives for it

So do you guys tour? What’s your traveling range? What sort of venues do you typically play?

Yes we tour. We currently have been in the studio recording our 4th album. We have been shooting some cool videos and we are geared up to to hit the road in March. We have played from the east coast to the west coast. In Ampi theaters to the Whiskey Agogo to club lavela to good old Furnace 41 in Jonesboro, GA, USA . . .

Wow! You guys do get around! Do you find it challenging to balance being a musician with your personal life? Whenever I’m asked that as author, I suddenly realize that I’ve forgotten the definition of the world ‘balance’ . . . again.

We have been doing it for so long it has become second nature to us so all in all we balance pretty good.

You’ll have to give me some tips! I have one more question for you, but before we go, is there a question I haven’t asked that you’d like to answer? Something you want our readers to know about Silversel?

Just that we want to thank all of our fans friends and family who support us. We also want to thank our troops, past, present, and future . . .  and most importantly,  the Big Guy Himself. That’s right! The Man Above, the One and Only God!!!!

Amen, amen, and AMEN!!! ‘Unless the Lord keep the city, the watchman awakens in vain’! So what advice do you have for young/aspiring musicians?

I would have to say play, play, play,  and play some more. No matter how many times you get knocked down, get up and keep pushing. Because in order to catch a dream, you first have to chase that dream . . .

Indeed you do. Thank you so much, Ricky, for appearing on today! I’m so grateful that you took the time to join us, and I wish Silversel all the best going forward!

Thank you and all your avid readers for having us!!!!!!!




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