‘Marelo’, by Eileen Troemel

I have always been a huge fan of Eileen’s writing, ever since I stumbled across the epic dark fantasy ‘Dragon Lord’s Mate’. Not only is she one of the most prolific authors I know, she’s also one of the most unique.

So here’s a sneak peak at her latest book: Marelo.

Marelo was part of a group write about a world this group created. While I kept the scene I wrote, I didn’t like where the group was going so I opted out. I had 1500 words which made a great scene but not a great story so I wrote the story. 

Fantasy is one of my favorite genres – to both read and write. In this case it involved dragons, love, and unusual laws and customs. The cover was my inspiration. I loved this cover from the moment I saw it and had to have it. As I wrote the fuller story, I used the cover as a reminder of the type of world I created. It helped me stay on top of things.


Marelo studies water dragons. Bandor studies her heart.

Driven to succeed, Marelo focuses on her studies. She doesn’t have time for males claiming her as a mate. She came here to study the dragon’s ancestral home. She will find the evidence she needs while avoiding all males especially Bandor who makes her heart rush.

Bandor takes one look at Marelo and knows she’s his mate. Her haughty demeaner doesn’t put him off. She’s his mate, he’ll do anything to win her. But he has secrets only his mate can know. Can he convince her to be his mate or will it take something more?

TO ORDER MARELO: https://books2read.com/marelo

TO CONNECT WITH EILEEN: https://linktr.ee/eileentroemel


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