Welcome to ‘Smoke Chaser’!!!

I have long been a fan of Annabel Allan/Stephanie Douglas’ writing …

So, my dear readers, welcome to the entire skinny on the ‘Smoke Chaser’ series!!!!


Where there’s smoke, there’s fire…


Stephanie Fournier is an assistant to a high-priced divorce lawyer in Toronto, Ontario. Her boring 9-to-5 heats up on one January day, when the gorgeous owner of the building—and multimillionaire—Robert Quinlan takes a sudden interest in her. 

Things start to scorch as they plan a hookup after a work event—until he finds out she’s a virgin. His sudden disinterest is not only embarrassing for Stephanie, but also infuriating. She sets out to prove that she doesn’t need his affections, the heat still present between them, eventually enticing him to make her an offer she doesn’t want to refuse.

Can an amateur like Stephanie keep it casual or has she started a fire that will quickly spread out of her control?

Story behind:

I didn’t start out writing erotic romance—I started in sweet romance. It was January 2015 when I crossed that line into the former genre. I was at a stand-still in my writing career, so I figured I would write something to appease the writing gods. And you know what? Sex sells!

I sat down and started a manuscript titled “Licking the Flames”. Oh, it was a naughty one! It was certainly too naughty to use my real name, so I thought of a pen name; Esmerée Delamort. I decided to pursue it, submitting to Xcite Books, who turned it over to their sister publisher, Cariad Romances. It was decided that due to it being heavy with the romance element, it was best suited to that imprint. I was offered a three book deal that June.

It was also decided to re-title it. “Wildfire” was suggested to me…I liked it! Then I was informed my pen name was too sexy. I looked around my desk, seeing my edition of the Complete Works of Edgar Allan Poe. The name Annabel Lee was first to come to me, then I quickly squished Allan onto it. Of course, they shortened it to Annabel Allan. Voila! You now have the current title and pen name 🙂


Things really heat up…


Stephanie Fournier’s life is turned upside down by multimillionaire bad boy & the man of her dreams, Robert Quinlan. 

Things are going well, until doubts start creeping into Stephanie’s mind due to being targeted by Quinn’s disapproving aunt. Things start to bubble until they peak, boiling over and sending Quinn into a pit of despair and back to dancing with his demons.

Is their relationship strong enough to survive the perilous fires of his past?

Story behind:

Due to the end being a little open ended for a sequel (which was intentional on my part) and now having a three book deal, I quickly started on the second book, which I titled “Firestorm”. It was also then that I thought of the series name, “Smoke Chaser”. I knew I needed to amp up the stakes for both Stephanie & Quinn. So, I brought his demons out to play.


Have they crossed a line?


It’s been thirty days, but finally Stephanie Fournier gets to put her arms around the man of her dreams again. 

After his stint with a dangerous addiction that nearly destroyed their relationship, Robert Quinlan is back and ready to put the demons of his past behind him. Feeling eager to start anew, Stephanie welcomes him back with open arms, but she’s not the only one to do so. 

With an unwanted admirer and his family against them, being with Quinn never seems simple. Their love is stronger than ever but outside forces still threaten to demolish their relationship. 

Now they must walk the fine line to preserve the love they fought so hard to save from the flames.

Story behind:

Again, three book deal! Haha. I needed a third book and knew that the ending of the previous book left an interesting circumstance for Stephanie. Of course, the edition that is available now is an updated edit—I parted ways with Accent Press in the fall of 2020. I left it for nearly a year before I decided I was going to self-publish the entire series. I re-wrote nearly the entire story, only keeping certain elements…I feel we have a stronger, better “Fireline” now!


Happily ever after?


Stephanie Fournier has accepted Robert Quinlan’s proposal & in a short five months they are to be married in a wedding that is every girl’s dream. Everything is happening so fast that Stephanie finds herself dazed but confident to make her day go forward as planned, no matter what Quinn’s aunt or anyone else has to say about it.

Story behind:

I wrote the end of “Fireline” and realized…uh-oh! There’s gonna be a fourth book. After I submitted the third, they were excited for a fourth to end the series. Again, when I parted ways with Accent Press, I decided to re-write the book, giving it an updated edit as well.

All four books in the Smoke Chaser series have new covers, a new edit, and the addition of the “Quintessential Short” in the back of the book. “Firewhirl” was intended to be the final installment, but a fifth book is planned, taking place 5 years after the fourth. Keep an eye out on my social media for when that goes ahead!

THANK you, Stephanie/Annabel, for gracing our pages today! Best of luck to you in the future! In the meantime, y’all can stalk her here … AND order her books!!!


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