‘Happy Dance’ Time!!!

Didja ever have one of those days that just made you wanna jump up and do your ‘happy dance’?

Today… is THAT day! My return to the publishing world is now available for pre-order at this link: https://amzn.to/34NstC7 (And it ain’t just me, mind you. Check out the lengthy list of talented authors also featured on the cover!)

It’s been fourteen years. Fourteen long years of writing for no other reason than compulsion. Amusing myself and my loyal (and much appreciated) handful of online readers, sure, but utterly lacking the drive to attack the mainstream scene head-on.

The break wasn’t all bad, of course. I got married, and settled into a rewarding career… but something was missing. It took me years to come to this realization: For a writer without a tangible market, something will ALWAYS be missing!

So I started writing a little less so I could begin cracking the pavement looking for something I didn’t have, an author’s best friend: A publisher.

It’s too bad my rejection slips always came by email, because if they arrived in hard copy… Well, let’s just say I’d never have to worry about another toilet-paper shortage. But God rewards perseverance, and one day He finally blessed me with that magical message: ‘I’d be happy to offer you a contract!’

‘Course, God prefers to work through people. (I think He just likes involving us in what He’s doing.) That glorious email came from Richard Savage, the publisher of Black Velvet Seductions.

That was ANOTHER ‘happy dance’ day!

‘Desire Me Again’ will ship on October 1st, and my solo novel ‘When the White Knight Falls’ will likely arrive sometime this winter. (I’ll keep you posted on that one.)

So enjoy! God bless you all, and as always…

THANK y’all for reading! (Especially those of you who continued to read my obscure scribblings during those ‘missing years’; you have no idea how much all of you mean to me.)

Cheers! – Virginia




12 thoughts on “‘Happy Dance’ Time!!!

      1. Wonderful quote! I really enjoyed your post and am so happy you’re part of the BVS family. Ric is a great guy, both personally and to work with.

        Liked by 1 person

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