‘Garden of Eyes’, by Daniel Evans Jost

For the tender souls to whom this applies

Show courage in the leer of the garden of eyes

Their sight has been trained for millennia now

To see contempt for those who won’t bow

Their irises lost to eons of learning

From an entity who preys on the innocent and yearning

Their knowledge contains an unspeakable terror

That ingrains the notion that a husk is fairer

Those who dare tread through this swamp full of sludge

Are pierced by views that insidiously judge

And when the weak dry out from the heat of their gaze

They crumble into mulch providing food for the maze

There are those who have weathered their venomous stare

Whose lights are worn proudly devoid of care

To those lost in the vines heavily blinded

You must flip the switch to leave them all blinded

One thought on “‘Garden of Eyes’, by Daniel Evans Jost

  1. Daniel,
    For me, it’s a perfect description of what a particular group of people does or wants to do to others. Unfortunately, they are good at it.
    Loved it.

    Liked by 1 person

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