‘Hindsight’, by Daniel Evans Jost

So content was I in UV showers

On a desert ripe from salt

Neon smiles and shrouds of fertility

Then it all froze to a halt

I saw hail from clouds eons away

Yet drunk was I from sin galore

So drunk I was deaf to his supreme edict

Till He was crunching down my door

First came denial, then came dread

Knowledge was the first to go

Then kindness, then empathy and finally logic

Oh wait, they were already on Skid Row

He gave me safe passage to El Dorado

For not so hefty a price

Seven euphorias now shape reality

But everything else is a vice

Before the numbers were used for counting

And the air made fresh by trees

Now reality is run by cyberspace

And the outside made of fantasies

Looking back I remember that wish

To pause and think with sight so clear

And so He indulged my ignorance

Now all I see… vivid fear

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