‘One Step Beyond’, by Daniel Evans Jost

I dreamt I laid in fields of ash

My centerpiece had burnt and gone

Yet no slumber could ever predict

The day I woke one step beyond

I dreamt of floating in a body of tears

Though small, one can drown in the pond

Then I felt air pockets tickle my gills

The perks of waking one step beyond

A group of nightcrawlers launched an attack

My serotonin they aimed to abscond

They crumbled to dust when the stars exploded

Nirvana had called one step beyond

My instincts chained down by fleeting fear

Locked by distortion of right or wrong

A chorus erupted and the binds vanished

The song notes paved one step beyond

Sound came from an ethereal body

Who’s vibrations outshone the sun

Now our souls interlock indefinitely

All I gave was one step beyond

I once was paralyzed by thought Like twin suns crashing into a fawn

Now I bring the color in spectrums

Because I dared one step beyond

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