Regarding Health, and Fun…

Has anyone (besides me) noticed that there is an inversely proportionate relationship between how good something is for you, and how much fun it is…?

While wine is my usual dinnertime drink, I do LOVE me some whisky! (I AM Southern, after all.) Scotches get warmed up in a microwaved coffee mug (the mug, not the scotch) and bourbons go over ice… and I serve myself both ‘straight up’. I mean, who ruins perfectly good whisky with Coke?! BLECH!!!

Straight ‘brown liquor’ is the worst thing in the world for one’s liver, I’m told. May as well drink formaldehyde.

I also love Kentucky Fried Chicken. (Again… Southern.) Their chicken is deep-fried, and their gravy is even worse… it’s made from the selfsame grease scraped from the drain underneath the chicken-frying griddle. But I LOVE their chicken, and their gravy, and also their coleslaw. Their corn ain’t exactly healthy, either… it comes to your plate absolutely SLABBERED in hi-test butter!

I also love red meat. A ribeye steak is my absolute FAVORITE!!! Aaaaand your average cardiologist would totally chew me out for that. Cholesterol, much?

I’m also addicted to comic books. ‘Brain candy’, my first-grade teacher once told me after she confiscated an issue of ‘Batman’ that she caught me reading in class.

My stepfather used to scornfully call my mother’s romance novels ‘Housewife Porn’.

I am now under contract by a major publisher for… yep, a romance novel.


So here’s to what’s NOT good for you!

*raises whisky tumbler*

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